WinEyes 1.0

A pair of eyes that follow the mouse around your monitor


  • No installation necessary
  • Original


  • Pointless!

Not bad

Do you like fun, quirky things on your desktop? These WinEyes are a fun, if pointless addition to Windows.

Once you've decompressed the ZIP file, simply double click the EXE file, and a pair of simple eyes will appear on screen. A right click opens the liimted menu, which allow you to move, resize and exit the program. The pupils in the eyes constantly follow the mouse around, that's all!

WinEyes is a pretty silly idea, but they might provide some light relief, and don't use much memory or cause problems with other programs. If this type of toy isn't your thing, it will only irritate you! WinEyes doesn't require installation, and will run from a USB pendrive too.

WinEyes is a completely pointless application, but it's free and might amuse you!

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WinEyes 1.0

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